Disney Land (a dream come true)


January 2012 was an incredible month for me. It will forever be memorable as I spent the month in the USA.

This trip was particularly special as while in the US, I was able to tick off items from my bucket list.

I walked through the streets of New York as snow fell upon me, I watched a NBA game in LA and eyed off the gorgeous cheerleaders, I lost a bet or two in Las Vegas, I visited the Grand Canyon, I fulfilled a personal goal and took off Broadway dance classes and workshops, I saw some amazing Broadway shows as well as the New York City Ballet at the Lincoln centre.

All of these activities were unbelievable experiences - things I will never forget and things I would love to do again.

But, there is one activity I will cherish above all else. One word: DisneyLand.

I know I sound immature and ridiculous, but I cant help the way I feel.
DisneyLand fulfilled many childhood dreams and made me revert back to my fantasy loving imaginary land.

The rides were superb, the characters lingering around the park were as if out of my fantasies, and the Disney Parade was just the absolute best!

As the Parade moved through the street of DisneyLand, and the beautiful princesses I had marveled at throughout my childhood walked by me, a tear of joy leaked down my face. Yes, I did cry at the Disney Parade and I'm not embarrassed to admit it.

It was a holiday I will never forget... I hope you enjoy the pictures!

Much Love
Cerise Ellen

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