Dog Obsession


My sisters and I have always been cat lovers - we were a one-eyed cat family. Naïve me thought I could never love any other species of animal as much as I loved cats.

At the age of 18 I was quite impulsive, a few years on and I'm still slightly impulsive- but I digress, and so I thought it would be good idea to surprise the family and adopt a new animal.

A lady at my work informed me that her rotweiller mix had fallen pregnant to her Jack Russell, or the other way around. Whatever works anatomically speaking...

While I'd never really considered owning a dog, spontaneous me instantly told the lady to put me on the waiting list for a puppy.

The next six weeks dragged on forever as I giddily waited for my new puppy. I secretly counted down, not letting on to any of my family as to the new child that I was expecting.

Forward a few years and you now have a completely obsessed girl wrapped up in the world of my dog Affy.

She truly is the sweetest and most amazing dog in the world! She is mummy's little angel and knows how to tug at my heart strings with her beautiful dog kisses and hugs.

I take her basically everywhere and find myself dreaming about the day she can even come to work with me... For now that dream is on the back burner but maybe I'll get the chance to bring her on the 'Take your child to work day'....?

I know I am not alone in my animal obsession so join my journey with Affy...

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