I Am.


My Affy and I
To start my blog I thought I'd give you a snapshot into my life. In brief, key words from my make believe autobiography would include: social media, makeup, fashion, dance, arts, food, charity work and family!

I am a modern day jack of all trades, and I'd like to believe a master of some...

Just remembered another key term: knick knacks!

I collect anything small, packaged, pretty and decorative. A large portion of my useless collection consists of notebooks, pens, jewellery, perfumes, nail polish and lip-gloss... All quite cliché I know, but I truly cannot help myself.

Another key word, puppy. I have a genuine obsession with my beautiful pooch. She is simply stunning and I find myself constantly buying new accessories to adorn her in (which I also like to collect).

I am very opinionated, I am unashamed to speak my mind. I speak passionately about certain topics, I believe in social justice and I willingly speak up for those who cant stand up for themselves. And I'll also add social justice as a key term.

Like I said earlier, this is only a snapshot of who I am. I'm open about my imperfections, and I am well aware of the many contradictions posed in my key terms. I am a product of Generation Y and I'm trying to grapple with what defines me.

This blog is a public journal and so my thoughts may be odd, funny and moody...

I am open to feedback or questions and would love to hear from you - see links below to contact me.

Much Love
Cerise Ellen
The love of my life 

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