The Real Roaring Twenties


As a young child I was a dreamer... By the age 14 I envisioned my twenties to be simply fabulous! In retrospect this dream is both slightly embarrassing and was very over ambitious. Whether I was too much of a dreamer or whether I was influenced by tv shows and movies to believe in this amazing lifestyle that would be bestowed upon my head as soon as I turned 20, at 23 I have now finally realised what being your twenties should really be about.

Inner city apartment, fabulous job, shopping for designer brands and non stop cafe sitting with friends. This is not the lifestyle that being in your twenties brings.

The reality is between work and study you don't have enough time to live this perfect lifestyle you always envisioned, let alone be able to afford it! At work you have to start from the bottom and work your butt off to climb slowly up the corporate ladder in order to land the job you want in the future. I can guarantee on the way there you will not earn enough to cover this fantasy lifestyle dreamed of.

Your twenties is certainly not when you are most successful, it is not when your life has reached its pinnacle point.

I have learned the twenties is a time for you to set yourself up for the future so that you can live an enjoyable relaxed life in your thirties and forties without the financial stress of debts you carried over from your foolish purchases made on a meager income while in your youth.

Being in your twenties is all about putting in the miles necessary, making mistakes, learning from mistakes, and making sacrifices so that your thirties can be the twenties you dreamed of.

The thing is, while in my twenties I still travel, I still go out with friends and family, go shopping and eat out - all in moderation though.

I have just made the decision to live within my means, create long term goals and make realistic steps to achieve them. What is the point of buying that overpriced bag on your credit card today if it means you will jeopardise the chance of buying a house in the future? No matter how much you try to convince yourself, a handbag is not an investment.

Being young is no reason to make poor decisions which will therefore build your future on rocky ground. It is time to pay off debts, set goals and achieve for the long term reward!

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