Health: From Puberty to Old Age


When I think about the status of my health, a quote from George Costanza comes to mind, “I haven’t outgrown the problems of puberty; I’m already facing the problems of old age. I completely skipped healthy adulthood.”

Yes, Seinfeld is one of my favourite shows and always will be. That is not the purpose of this blog entry. Without any further ado, a

list of my health issues is detailed below.

2 years ago I woke with a jarring pain my lower back. At first I dismissed it as a recurring injury from my old days of full time ballet. As the pain spread towards my thigh I realised there was more to it than I initially thought. A year of blood thinners and weekly blood tests later, finally the blood clot disappeared. It was a great year.

While the blood clot may have dissolved, a clean bill of health I still do not have. In the past 6 months alone I’ve had; skin samples taken, colonoscopies galore, and inconclusive blood investigations. Health issues are the never-ending bane of my life.

Logic (and my Doctor) says that as I continue along the road of adulthood my health will not get any better, which brings me back to George Costanza, barely out of puberty problems and straight into problems of old age.

I can only hope that my new regime of livertone plus and over dosing on multi vitamins is enough to fight off any more premature health issues.

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