A Sad Legacy


When the world has progressed so significantly in terms of technology, research and education, it is saddening that in other ways we are still so far behind.

Sexism is a re-occuring issue that we face on a daily basis.

It has been extremely disappointing to watch the treatment of Australia's first female Prime Minister. While I am not by any means a Labor supporter, I am a supporter of equality and am completely against any form of discrimination.

To see Julia Gillard mocked, laughed at and publicly humiliated by journalists, opposition leaders, the general public and even people within her in her own party has been so demoralising as a woman, as it demonstrated the complete lack of respect our society has toward a woman in the highest position of authority in Australia - when no man before her had to suffer the same criticisms. It was not policy, or political initiatives that she was scrutinised for, it was instead constant attention on her physical form, her dress sense, and her marital circumstance.

You don't have to be a Labor supporter to realise that these constant comments and criticisms of Gillard were disrespectful and would never have been directed toward a male leader.

Once again, although I do not agree with policies Julia has brought in, I have respected her authority and leadership and am proud to have been a witness to Australia's first female Prime Minister. I truly hope that Australia can grow and our next female leader is not subjected to the same unfair treatment.

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