Striving for less stress


Life's obligations can sometimes cause stress which in turn begins to wreak havoc on your health and relationships.

I have felt stress creep into my life a lot lately with wedding planning, study and starting a new business while working full time and maintaining daily tasks such as cooking dinner and cleaning the house.

During this period I realised I needed to find an outlet or a way of managing my time better so that I can fit in downtime and stay in optimal health.

1. How does your garden grow?

My first step towards destressing was growing my own veggie patch. Being able to have my own sanctuary and little bit of nature to maintain is extremely fulfilling.

2. Citrus delight!

I had read about the many health benefits of drinking lemon water so I began introducing this to my daily diet. A friend from work supplied me with lemons from her tree and as soon as I started squeezing them into my cup of hot water every morning my skin became completely clear, I felt ready to take on every day without needing a caffeine hit and my craving for sweets greatly reduced.

3. Outside workout

The last piece of the puzzle for me to destress is fitting in regular exercise in the great outdoors. Feeling the cold wind against my skin, listening to the birds sing as the sun goes down and having Affy with me enjoying the free space and fresh air is an amazing outlet on a bad day.

While I still eat Nutella, have the sneaky beef burger at my local cafe and take the elevator over stairs sometimes, with these other gradual changes that I've made I feel a lot healthier, motivated and on the road to more stress free days!


It's the small things in life. Fresh food = happiness!

Ariel in the background watches my every move 

Fresh from the garden

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