Wedding month is here...


I am now in the final stages of preparing for my upcoming nuptials and wanted to take this time to reflect on the past nine months as well as what is ahead before the big day.

When I got engaged in February I never imagined how much goes into wedding planning, not only financially but emotionally and physically!

There has been detailed thought at every turn, more meetings with vendors than I can count, and then additional meetings organised with the vendors due to my constant changes of mind after reading one too many articles on the same subject.

This period has truly given me a new found respect for weddings and anyone who has planned one.

I am now at the point of relief, and can see a bright, beautiful light at the end of the tunnel, one with a dream wedding that includes dancing, laughs, fun and most importantly an amazing husband to be.

Ahead are the final confirmations with vendors and venue, decor detailing (place settings, seating chart, place cards, ceremony programs etc), music playlist (and a don't playlist) for the DJ and of course bridal beauty prep.

I am starting to get nervous and pray that it all comes together as planned, but at the end of the day I will be married to someone I truly love and thats all that matters (though a perfect wedding would be awesome too).


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