Missing In Action


After being MIA from my blog, I'm now back online and keen to share my world! Fashion, travel, Melbourne happenings, dog friendly hangs and décor - whatever is my latest, I will blog about it!

So where have I been since my last post (Bachelorette Weekend Nov 2014)? Where do I even start?! I married my sweetheart, honeymooned in Vanuatu, my twin sister got engaged and my baby sister got married. We've had big family holidays in beautiful places like Hamilton Island, and attended so many events from fashion festivals, horse racing carnivals, polo, Comic Cons, and even worked with makeup genius and beauty industry heavyweight Rae Morris! I've had lots of local holidays including Daylesford, Torquay, Lorne, Philip Island, Sydney, Glenelg, The Grampians, and have just returned from an amazing cruise to picturesque islands of the South Pacific.

One of my most exciting ventures in the last couple of years has been launching a Melbourne dog accessory brand with my sister! Aptly named after our fur baby Affy, we focus on creating fashionable designs for dogs. Its been a continuous and passion-driven journey, doing it all from designing our collar and leash range, building a website, to selecting fabrics and producing the products. We're so excited to be able to build our brand Aff and Co. from the ground up.

In amongst the joyous occasions, I've also faced a life changing personal loss. The one positive out of this experience is the immense amount of personal growth I've had and seen in those around me.

So to summarise two years, there's been lots of ups and a few downs, new friendships made and life changing experiences endured, and I can't wait to share it all with you!


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