A Day On The Green


A fabulous line up of female musicians (including Blondie and Cyndi Lauper), a gorgeous location and quality time with the ladies in my family - all the ingredients for a brilliant weekend!

My Saturday was spent in the beautiful Yarra Valley at A Day On The Green! Held at the Rochford Winery, the event is known as “the Big Day Out for grown-ups". The crowd was relaxed and the food and drinks stalls weren't your regular festival grub, but instead gourmet food trucks. Another positive, picnic baskets and rugs are welcome!

Despite the horrible weather (pouring rain with thunder and lightening!), the combination of the atmosphere, my family and rockstars made for a perfect evening!

Check out some of my top tips for a relaxed music festivals outing - 

Water is a must - Hydration is key when dancing to old rock.

Bring cash - Food vendors were cash only and quite expensive, so if you want warm food, cash up!

Pack rainproof gear - We were able to buy rain ponchos at the event thank goodness - but my faux fur handbag didn't fare so well thanks to the rain. Stick to weather proof accessories!

Take a good attitude - Everyone needs time to relax, let their hair down and dance it out! Arrive with a carefree attitude and you'll be set for a fun outing!


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