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It’s obvious I’m obsessed with vintage clothes, but my love of all things vintage doesn’t stop there. I’m always on the lookout for classic accessories, books, and home décor, so I was ecstatic to recently come across an adorable store in South Melbourne full of antique furniture.

The candle holders, drawers, and side tables all had me swooning, but one piece in particular caught my eye! A beautiful preloved farmhouse style dining table, full of evidence of family fun, hard work and memories made around the table.

When the table arrived it instantly changed the look of my home. The worn sturdy wood and old charm brought a sense comfort and warmth into the space.

Here are my tips for adding unique pieces into your home!

Give Your Home Character 

With the accessibility of low cost mass produced furniture, you can fall into decorating a space without your own style shining through. That’s why I love adding a few antiques or preloved pieces for character, personality, and to turn your place from a house into a unique home.

Start Small

If you lean toward more modern decor or don’t feel comfortable using preloved pieces, start small! Add vintage accessories to your home that compliment your modern furnishings such as a painting, candle holders or books.

Be Yourself and Be Brave

If you love a piece that isn’t in “fashion” or think a piece you love might be too bold or clash, be brave! We’re all unique and should furnish our personal retreat accordingly! Don't feel confined to fit in. Our homes should resemble our own taste and style so be daring and go for what you love!

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