Sunday Best: Rock Chic


I've always had a very eclectic style when it comes to fashion, I could be preppy in the morning, boho for lunch and minimalist for a night out!

Of course, there are those teen phases we look back on and question what were we thinking. One style I actually look back on fondly though, started in my late teens, it was an edgy rock chic vibe. I dyed my hair bright red, wore band tees, and went heavy with the black eyeliner. These days I've scaled back my hair and makeup, but every now and then I still love bringing out the rocker vibe through my clothes.

 An edgy look always includes black, metal, texture, and eyeliner, and Sunday’s getup was no different with a Zimmerman fringe skirt, Dangerfield metal spike jacket, and my latest obsession, mismatched earrings from H&M.

I threw in a metallic silver shirt to lighten things up a bit and completed the look with a pair of Zara black biker boots.

Sometimes a throwback to your teen style is a good thing!

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