Makeup for Change


Donating time, money, food or anything I can to help others is something I am very passionate about, many people miss out on the basics in life and I try to do my part in lightening the load for those in need.

Recently, a close friend and makeup lover invited me to ‘Makeup for Change’, a fundraising event created by makeup artist Zieneb Farha to raise money to support families in Syria.

The venue was decorated beautifully with many vendors donating their time and goods for the event including baked treats, gorgeous décor and a huge amount of makeup!

It was a full day of live makeup tutorials, lots of yummy treats and goodie bags and guests were given a glimpse into the passion Zieneb has for her new cause.

Best wishes to Zieneb on your philanthropic endeavours and I look forward to seeing which charitable organisation you work with while in Syria to deliver the best outcomes possible.


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