Vogue Codes - Melbourne Connected Breakfast


Technology is becoming the cornerstone of every industry making it crucial for everyone to keep up.. Laborious tasks are now automated, self-service checkouts are taking over supermarkets and post offices, and every business now has an app, online store and a suite of social media channels with 24-hour service.

Vogue is abreast these constant changes and created Vogue Codes for readers to be inspired and learn the latest technological practices of industry leaders.

As part of the Vogue Codes lineup ‘The Connected Breakfasts driven by BMW’ was held at the picturesque Stokehouse in St Kilda and I had the privilege of listening to TDE's Alyce Tran provide her insight on technology in business.

The event was beautifully put together with gorgeous views, fresh florals, a delicious breakfast menu and wonderful guests.

After listening to Alyce speak about building her own business and integrating technology, there was no denying why she is such a success!

Thanks to Vogue, BMW and Alyce for a fabulous early morning event that truly put a spring in my step and gave me a new-found determination!


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