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A friend recently mentioned how handy it is that I can go to each of my sisters for help or advice on different things. It hit me then, that while I have a massive list of instas and blogs I love to read to stay up to date with the latest trends, gossip and memes, I also have super talented sisters, each with their own niche, who I can hit up for info. When it comes to all things Melbourne, Fashion, Health and Hair styling, I turn to their social channels and blogs - or just shoot them a text!

Sharing is caring so check out my sisters below!


When she isn’t off travelling the world, Emily is seeking out the best dining, events and activities Melbourne has to offer. The minute I need an idea for a date night, ladies brunch or an art fix, Emily has the answer I need. Side note - she is also the best writer I know!


Following in my Mum’s footsteps with her love for colours, prints and vintage pieces, Hannah is my go-to (besides my Mum) for all things fashion. She always knows the best stores to hit up for different occasions, has all the deets on up and coming designers and has all the biggest vintage sales booked in her calendar.


Beginning her apprenticeship at the tender age of 15(!), Pamela is a huge inspiration to me when it comes to following your creative dreams. Knowing that she wanted to be a hair stylist and colourist from a young age, allowed her to pursue her goals as a teen and now only in her very early 20’s she’s an accomplished hairdresser based in Melbourne.
Pamela is brilliant at turning out any hair colour, style and look, is a believer in wellness and organic products and knows what looks good on everyone.
She is my go-to for all things from my big day colour to my everyday blonde highlights.


My twin sister is a health professional and all round hardworking queen! Between her full time job and furthering her studies, I know Candice is just a call away when I need to debrief, air my concerns or go for a walk.

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