The most wonderful time of year! Christmas 2017


“It’s the most wonderful time of year” – don’t those lyrics ring true when it comes to Christmas? The city streets start bustling, lights shine from every direction and people seem to have a spring in their step!

I love Christmas day with my family. My Grandmother makes her delicious Pan De Pascua (Chilean Christmas bread), thirst quenching Cola De Mono (Chilean sweet milk drink - minus the rum) and mouthwatering Carne Mechada (Chilean style pot roast). My Mum makes the most amazing Christmas ice-cream and I make summer trifles and truffle balls.

This year our table setting was gold themed with kikki.K conversation starters sprawled across the table for a bit of fun, gold brushed pinecones, mini Christmas trees and topped with fresh rosemary.

Our dessert table was decked out with Pavlova, trifle, five ginger bread houses and Pan De Pascua amongst many other desserts we had roast veggies, salads, turkey, ham, prawns and Carne Mechada for lunch.

We all wore matching gold as we celebrated Christmas together and of course my sisters, Mum and I all had matching pyjama fun too!

A fantastic day with family full of laughter, love and gratitude.



And just for fun... Some of our past Christmas photos! White matching outfits one year and red matching outfits the next!

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