Women Power – David Jones Gala Runway at VAMFF


Last week I attended Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival for the Gala Runway presented by David Jones and supported by Vogue Australia. As it was the week of International Women's Day, what better time to proudly stand in solidarity with women worldwide and rock my women power t-shirt with a pair of striped jeans, red stilettos, an embellished blazer, cat eye sunnies, and oversized purple earrings with the words ‘BOOM’ and ‘POW’.

I was raised as a feminist and have always believed that while men and women are of course different, both have an important purpose and are equals. It is with disappointment that I read misguided comments about feminism and International Women's Day. When wage disparity is incorrectly propagated as a myth or feminism is described as 'man hating' I find it extremely disheartening which is why this year I have decided to be a bit more vocal about my beliefs.

Jessica Gomes was quoted prior to the runway stating the show this year was all about 'woman power', and with the stunning power suits, the opening song 'Lady Powers' performed by Vera Blue and the number of female contributors to the show, it was easy to see why Jessica had made this statement. 

Plaid, power suits, bold colours and fashion forward sport luxe pieces were paraded down the runway, and it’s easy to say I would happily wear any of them (although I might forego the fisherman hats)!



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