Lano and Woodley's Fly


It was difficult to contain my excitement when I found out Aussie comedy legends Colin Lane and Frank Woodley of The Adventures of Lano and Woodley were reuniting after 12 years apart. Reruns of their TV show were a staple in my household growing up with my family bonding over their ridiculous antics and sometimes sad predicaments.

My uncle, husband, sister and I eagerly arrived at the Arts Centre on Good Friday to watch their new Wright brothers-based comeback show 'Fly'. Although they've been apart for over a decade the duo did not miss a beat. Hilarity ensued as soon as they jumped on stage and the energy was something I hadn't felt from the theatre for a long time.

The show was an hour long laugh fest and the comedy duo flexed their comedic writing, acting and performing skills like no other. Their chemistry is undeniable and the reliance and love for eachother yet underhanded jealousy is a dynamic that still had me in tears after all these years.

While I believe the show is a sell out, if you can, I recommend getting tickets and seeing these two in action! Just like the reruns I used to watch at home over and over again, this performance is something I would happily see several times over.



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