The Big 3 0!


I have always dreaded growing older – I think it was a phobia left over from my ballerina days! I'm ashamed to admit I bought into media's obsession with youth, and believed that life was downhill after your mid-twenties.

To my surprise, as each year has ticked over, life actually seems to get better and better. I have forged a career in an industry I love, married the love of my life, travelled and spent a lot of time with family and close friends. Funnily enough life has actually gotten better with age and maturity, I've realised my real priorities and worked towards achieving my goals.

So finally, after what feels like a very long run in my twenties, I turned thirty this month! As the days counted down towards the big 3 0 I was less nervous and more excited to enter this new phase of my life and couldn’t wait to celebrate.

Knowing that my family is the most important thing in my life, my husband, twin sister and I organised a beautiful weekend away with the whole family (pooches included!) in Sorrento. We had matching t-shirts made, two delicious double tiered cakes, blue beach themed décor with foliage and lemons for our dinner spread and enjoyed two nights by the fire and pool.

No birthday is complete without a few crazy shenanigans, so of course I ended up dunked in the ice-cold water fully clothed thanks to Mum and my twin sister! As a family we enjoyed lots of laughs, games and food, and made memories to last a lifetime. Although I was overwhelmed by the number of amazing gifts from my husband and family, I felt the most spoiled by how lucky I am to call such wonderful people my family.

With such a fun weekend away with the people I love, my birthday wishes definitely came true.



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