Melbourne Vogue Codes In Conversation presented by Audi breakfast


One of the many joys in life is meeting inspirational people and the Vogue Codes Breakfast event offered the opportunity to meet some of the best! I was ecstatic to hear from Vogue Australia's editor-in-chief Edwina McCann, Journalist Lisa Wilkinson and Zoë Foster Blake as well meet both Edwina and Lisa after the event!

Held at the stunning Vue De Monde, Vogue Codes breakfast is visually everything you would expect it to be. Edwina, Lisa and Zoë were provided a stunning setting to discuss their careers and share tips as guests indulged in the delicious food and took in the amazing Melbourne CBD views.

Although the event is marketed as a ‘tech’ event, it is more focused on general career words of wisdom. Regardless, I was still extremely pleased to attend for the second year in a row as I love opportunities to meet other women breaking molds and working hard to forge careers in multiple industries. I have been lucky to meet other attendees who have very similar career goals and we’ve been able to bounce advice and ideas off each other – so for that purpose the event is fantastic.

Thank you again for the wonderful team at Vogue and Audi for hosting such a wonderful event! I look forward to next year’s event and hope to see a push towards true tech heads being incorporated such as leaders in the Fin Tech industry or brands like yourfinery who lead the way in digitalising fashion through innovative apps.


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