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          Hello, welcome to visit concentric machinery's official website!
            ABOUT US


            Dongguan Tongxin Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd is a technology-based company specialized in R & D and manufacturing all kinds of automation equipment consisting mainly of professional and technical strength, we have a professional design team and sophisticated, adhere to the people-oriented training of all kinds of sophisticated technical talents and team rapid development of leading enterprises, we uphold the integrity, professionalism, quality, service and efficiency service tenet! Based on customer point of purchase, construction of professional technical team as the goal to build the core competitiveness of enterprises! Adhere to the credibility of the first, the user's first operating principle known in the industry, products throughout the world: Asia, Africa, Europe, the Americas, by the new and old customers at home and abroad customers trust and sought after.

            COMPANY NEWS
            COMMON PROBLEM
            電腦剝線機 | 連接器 | 木炭機設備 | 中奧冷柜 | 防塵口罩 | 塑膠異型材 | 液化氣報警器 | 服裝輔料 | 超聲波焊接機 | 金手指膠帶 | 拉鉚螺母 | PE塑料水塔 | 無紡布袋 | X6132萬能銑床 | 立體停車設備 | 雄緯環保袋 |
            • TEL:86 0769-23116235 23116236
            • FAX:86 0769-81109236
            • MAIL:tangyun790828@126.com
            • ADD:No. 10 Zhongxing Street Quantang village Liaobu Town Dongguan city ,Guangdong Province ,China 
            • Pre-sale service:Mr TangYun  086013790482010
            • After-sales service:Mr GongJianGuang 13532580368
            • WeChat:tongxinmachine