I'm a content producer and social media buff, and I love to document and share my world! Whether it's fashion, beauty, animals, interior design, food, the arts, and local travel - my blog covers all things I've seen and done!

My creativity was ignited as a young child, dancing ballet from the age of 3 years old until 17. I immersed myself in the performing arts world, studying at The Australian Ballet School and full time with Ballet Theatre Australia. Though I have now left the stage, my arts background has led me to creative opportunities and I've found my calling in content development, design, communications and social media. I’ve been able to enjoy a diverse career managing social media, producing and styling for content and writing for corporate, lifestyle and beauty industry brands.

Continuing on my creative journey and combining my love of design and animals, I alongside my sister, have launched dog accessories brand, Aff and Co. We design a collar and leash range and other accessories, with the highest quality and trend focused aesthetic in mind. We absolutely love working together on this passion project and can't wait to continue to grow the brand together.

Thanks for visiting, I hope you enjoy the bits and pieces I share!


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